Foreign National Access Program Office


As a Department of Energy (DOE) facility, Fermilab is required to comply with DOE Order 142.3B Unclassified Foreign National Access Program (UFNA). The Fermilab Foreign National Access Program (FNAP) office is responsible for ensuring compliance with all requirements of the order such as the review and documentation of all non-U.S. citizen access to the Fermilab sites (Batavia and Lead, SD), information, technologies, and equipment. This includes on-site and/or computing access requests for employees, users, subcontractors, and authorized guests, and review and approval for all conferences/events and visitors. Among other assigned duties, the FNAP Office issues all invitation letters and manages the host program.

Please note that countries classified as State Sponsors of Terrorism by the U.S. Department of State require additional approvals before on-site, computing, and/or event access can be granted. Please contact the FNAP Office for details.

The order is also referenced in the Fermilab Policy on Access and Procedure for Access.

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